• RS232/RS485/RS422 Monitor
  • RS232 Software
  • RS232 Data Monitor
  • Conditions to send data
  • Conditions to filter rs232 data
  • Serial Port Data Monitor
  • Display rs232 data

    Displaying the receiving data.

    Displaying the sending data.

    Recording generated time of data.

    The time interval of two rows data is displayed.

    com port monitor
  • Send data to rs232 port

    Click on the data line select data to send.

    Easy to generate data checksum.

    Direct display of the location(row,col) of the data.

    Automatically save the sending data.

    rs232 rs485 rs422
  • Hex, decimal, binary converter

    Input data in a text box,Other text boxes automatically generate the conversion results.

    Data type conversion is very easy

    usb serial port communication
  • Send data periodically

    Send the cursor line data periodically.

    Send the data of the specified line periodically.

    Send multiple rows of data periodically.

    Period interval setting.

    com port usb rs232
  • Based on conditions send data

    Sending data according to the received data.

    Sending data according to the setting time.

    Simulate communication process.

    serial port monitor
  • Filter Data

    Set the key characters of a data frame, select the desired data

    Display only the required data through data filtering

    rs232 monitor
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